Welcome to Ruinedworld.com!

My name is Mike but people also call me Ruined or Ruinedworld and this is my digital/creative footprint.

I have been a working artist for well over thirty plus years professionally creating art and design for illustration, animation, 3d art, graphic design, web development, film, multimedia, and

concept art. As well as working in many different mediums, technique, and style.

Just the FAQ

    Are you crazy, evil, psychotic or have multiple personalities?
  • No, no, no and no, well the last one might be up to debate. I am just a very open minded person, I like many different styles and genres, and enjoy working in them all. I can draw a cutesy teddy bear skipping through a field of flowers… and then draw a killer zombie teddy bear skipping through a field of dead bodies.. I don't feel that I need to or should limit myself to any one particular theme.
    Do you worship Satin?
  • No, but I do like how it feels… silky smooth!
    Do you warship Satan?
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